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Redpath: Substance Use Treatment Program

This 21 sessions, out-patient based program helps participants work with trauma and emotions that they may have suppressed, that have caused a whirlwind of emotions and behavior that affect their mental health, and/or cause for people to reach for something to use to cover up confusing emotions. Because of the long-term continuation of use of the cognitive model of programming, there is a large increase of Aboriginal people involved in the justice system, increasing rates of suicide, substance abuse, violence and mental health issues across Canada.  This model of programming has been proven to be a less effective method of therapy for the Aboriginal population.


The Redpath program allows participants to explore and understand the root cause of upsetting and harmful thoughts and behaviors.

The Red Path program gives participants the chance to liberate themselves of negative thoughts and emotions related to past traumatic events in a safe and supportive way.


The program’s focus is to:

  • IDENTIFY the root causes of upsetting and harmful thoughts and behaviors that we do not recognize, and that are buried within us.

  • DEFINE and understand these problems and put a name to the emotion experienced as a result of this problem/trauma.

  • Learn to ADAPT by incorporating the process – people decide if they want to change.

  • Learn to MANAGE the ability to put things where they belong.

Make sense of the problems, be empowered, take control, and move forward to a healthier way of life.

This program is offered 100% virtually in order to remove the barrier of receiving treatment programing even if you aren't able to leave your community. 

Want to have a Redpath Cycle in your community?

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